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Doylestown Road Angels

Special Event

Remembering Jeanne Stauffer-Rowan

The Jeanne we all remember: (Photo montage by Joey Farrell)

Jeanne was born in Chalfont, PA in March 23, 1926, later lived in Lansdale, and had 3 children with Bill Stauffer (Sales Manager @ T.D. Keyser Chevrolet). He passed away. She later married Rowan, lived in FL, and when he died moved back to PA.  She lived  – in what originally was the family summer cottage – in Upper Black Eddy,  She survived 4 major floods, and finally the cottage was totally rebuilt  and raised 10’ over a finished 2-car garage. She lived there, on her own, for the rest of her life.

With family & friends – plus Lou Calisabtta (Old Stillwater Garage), & Robbie Wolfe (American Pickers).

Locations: Lead East, Parsippany, NJ;  Wildwood, NJ,  Stillwater, NJ;  Macungie; Van Sant Airport;
Springtown; Upper Black Eddy;  3-Dog Garage – Boyertown, PA

Conversation with Jeanne about her initial involvement with the Road Angels.
(Interview on January 26, 2022 by Terry Kimmey)

Jeanne had lived in Florida with her son and her second husband, he passed away and she decided to move back to her home she has on the river in Upper Black Eddy.

Along with her came her hot rod roaster that her son built for her as he is a master hot rod builder. Everyone said she was crazy but was determined to be back in PA.

Just after her move back to PA she was approached by her friend John Pura who at one time was president of Cedar Hollow Timing Assn.

John being a member now of the Road Angels, suggested that Jeanne be a Road Angel and would sponsor her.

Jeanne recalls the look on the members faces when she came to the meeting, there was never a woman Road Angel member. Some even said she would never make it and heard those remarks as she left the meeting. However, they didn’t know Jeanne, she was now even more determined to become a Road Angel. After several meetings she was voted in. She was the 1st woman Road Angel.

She recalls being a secretary and had her typewriter from Merck to type up the minutes of the meetings.

In her words she was a happy camper to be a Road Angels and be involved with club. She loved being part of a group and loved volunteering to help out others as he had done previously while she lived in Florida. She has a passion for helping others and going to shows.

She was recently approached about being a honorary member and not have to pay dues, she says no way, she is a full Road Angel member and will pay her dues.